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I got into ILM in the middle of May. Before I became a member, I wanted to learn about the team @Professor $PY-ED @DT @$$aj97 $SPY Hunter$$$ and the others. These were the names I saw all over the options lounge. I got to talk with @Professor $PY-ED about different indicators and bounce chart ideas off of the chart god @DT. After seeing the room and learning from these guys I knew I wanted to become a member. This discord has taught me new strategies and help me chart out my own ideas and thoughts of a trade. Definitely 10/10 and can’t wait to grow my account with the guys. Like @Wyatttan has.
It's hard to survive in this market especially if you're a newbie like me and you're trading alone by yourself, not knowing anything. I'm gald I was able to find these guys (ILM) through a different Discord server. I have been here for a little over a month and I already feel like I been here for ages 🙂 Everyone is so friendly and helpful that you will never feel alone. They will answer your question unlike other so called GURUS. It's nice to trade as a team. But trading with ILM, it's SUPER FUN. Love being here each and everyday :heart: I tried many other paid service, E.g Discord/Slack etc. And wasted $$$ on random call-outs without them providing any kinds of resources. Also none of them shared their P/L, ever. So, I was never sure about their actual play/calls, but the transparency here in ILM is like crystal clear. They post their PL everyday and that's what makes them different. :raised_hands: You know what positions they took and know their loss/gains etc. Keep it up ILM
Love you guys for tremendous effort. Not only providing call signals but respond each of the members questions. Slowly I am learning to play by myself after getting your guidance. Keep it up.
From knowing next to nothing and going through the Learning phase with ILM is “the baby start to crawl, then the baby step walk and fall and walk one/two/three steps and fall and hold the finger and walk long way and then learn how to walk”...!!! ILM is basically a FAMILY before PROFIT. This is the group of people who lead this ILM team, who is basically a Teacher, Guardian, Leader, Brother => @DT, @Professor $PY-ED, @$$aj97 $SPY Hunter$$$, @Dr.Jasir786... Any problem, any suggestion, anything you struggle, these guys are just a contact away. It never happened that I reached out to one of them and did not get a great respond, motivation, positiveness, mentally help to be great. These people are amazing. I initially joined this group to get some entry and exit point to trade. And that’s all. Because I was lost. But I instead found a family. Caring and loving people. Not just give an advice about trading. Also care about you and how’s life treating you. I think that itself is my gain. I thank you @Professor $PY-ED @DT @$$aj97 $SPY Hunter$$$ @Dr.Jasir786 :pray_tone2::pray_tone2: You guys Rock :thumbsup_tone2: And Just like @Cj says, one day I wanna grow up like @Wyatttan :sunglasses::sunglasses:
@Professor $PY-ED I come to you today because I need your help. One month ago, I was talking to one of my friends about how to make some good legal money this day and he told me about the stock market industry, I've never heard of it before but I decided to give it a shot. I watched a couple of videos about it and I found I can trade options to make faster money. I learned as much basic that I can and jump right into it. But I didn't know that the same way you can make money the same way you can lose everything, I've been trading with emotion and I was been greedy and reckless whenever I made some couple hundred dollars, and I lost a lot. Then another friend, he's in the group brought me here. I'm not trying to flattering you but You guys are awesome, not because you give call-outs but the way you work guys, makes me speechless. I know you guys are professionals and have years of experience but I want to be like you guys in futures.
Not only have I found a group that will actually teach you the right way to trade, but also offers advice. I’ve traded options, stock, and Forex, but I’ve found that I really enjoy Forex above all. I’ve only learned with real money ( against all advice from everyone) but knowing that it’s real makes me more keyed in and conservative with a higher willingness to learn. I believe, with the guidance from the ILM team, that I have a real shot at doing this full time. The amount of information and knowledge that I’ve received from this group is invaluable. Thank you @Dr.Jasir786 @Professor $PY-ED @$$aj97 $SPY Hunter$$$ and @DT
Thank you for the great recommendation . Appreciate it
First I would love to say @aqfyn3st is awesome. I am a newbie and barely just starting to trade not long ago and only have limited knowledge of strategies and technical moves. Not long ago @aqfyn3st offered 2 live video conferences that help me put what I read online to apply it to real live trading. So far, I was able to do 2 live trades on my own and was successful. I am looking forward to more live conferences you are willing to provide.
I did not even knew what's the word trade means then someone hook me up with Syed the( professor) I started learning .he taught me all tips and toes I may be a worst student he has ever had but I learned from him a lot he always ready to teach . The difference before and after the class is I was Uber driver now I am full time day trader and its took very short time of period like weeks I am still learning from him every single day specially in this platform. and i also appreciate other experts like DT ,FUHAD and all other people efforts who make our trading very easy .
This week has been life changing for me. Last week I was your average Robinhood trader. I didn’t anything about candle sticks or analyzing charts. That has changed thanks to @aqfyn3st and the ILM team. After my 1 on 1 with @aqfyn3st I was able to correctly enter and exit the market. I have learned how to make my own charts and analyze the market. I am so happy because I have learned a life skill. If you truly want to learn how to fish ILM team is the group for you. They are not looking to turn you to a follower but rather a student. They will provide you all the information you need to become a better trader. The amount of time @aqfyn3st has invested in teaching me has been unbelievable. I can’t imagine how much better of a trader I will be after one year of being apart of ILM. I am beyond thankful to have found this group.
First thing shoutout to @aqfyn3st. Very humble and knowledgeable guy who took time out of his Saturday evening to sit down with me and go through chart analysis and walk me through an average day-trading routine. I had a lot of questions regarding identifying the right stocks, position sizing, and risk management, and he was able to really break things down to a level I could digest. I'm truly thankful for people like the ones here at ILM that make themselves available to help others up, when most people today are just worried about their own progress. Can't say enough about this group. Very grateful and optimistic!
I have been blindly trading for a few months now and don't know the basics. I finally able to get a session in with @aqfyn3st what can I say I felt like I learnt more from him in the 10 mins that I spent over 6+ hours of YouTube videos that i have watched. He won't give you the answer but he will guide you to better understand the stock is moving a certain direction. Thank you bro
I started trading it’s been only couple months and my experience wasn’t enough to actually trade good until I joined ILM. As I was trading I figured out there is a lot of fundamentals itself to learn and get experience of before actually trading in real market. I finally decided to join ILM and I have found a humble mentor who is very friendly to show me the way how trade is done. I finally got a chance to get a session with @aqfyn3st . After getting into the session he have taught me how to read the charts, the risk management of stop lose, and much more that is very crucial while trading. Stock market is there always to make money but you have to know the right way to make your money rather than losing in the market. @aqfyn3st Thank you brother for giving me an opportunity to get a session with you. I hope to become as experienced as you are someday and I wish to get more sessions with you to enhance my skills. I suggest everyone who is new here to get a solid session with @aqfyn3st for your better knowledge into the market or how to find plays into the stocks u choose! Thank you @aqfyn3st and ILM
@aqfyn3st thanks for taking the time to show me your way and providing excellent support for traders who are struggling and learning. Thanks for the knowledge and “teaching us how to fish”
Reason i joined this group... 1. No scam 2. Learning from a diverse range of experience 3. Im progressing [my wife wanted budget of $3k for her gadden, i trippled that... just for her garden] 4. Effort to help shows gains [through learning] 5. This group follows news 6. This group does their own research 7. This group will not tell you when to buy or sell at a specific price. If you as a trader ... if not sure then perhaps re-evaluating your decision of trading could be a better solution. 8. Clean and no drama chat. 9. Group video conferencing 10. One-one learning/guidance Bonus: people in this group keep communications clean!
You guys are great ! Love the community !