Looking To Make Residual Income?

The reality of 2020 is that the cost of living has appreciated exponentially. Unfortunately, our wages are not seeing that exponential increase, rather, our debt is. We are all in need of a bit of extra cash, and unlike a savings account or a 401k, you can control how your money grows…. 

Trading, like any other craft requires an incredible amount of skill, patience and understanding of the financial markets. The average trading volume of the NYSE is roughly $169-$189 BILLION a day… The US market has a $22.9 trillion dollar market cap. All of this essentially translates to the fact there is plenty of money to be made– you just have to know where and how to invest your money. 

Options trading and Forex trading gives you 50x – 200x the leverage, meaning you can trade up to 200 times the cash you actually have… 


How much capital?

We won’t ever assign a dollar amount to what constitutes as solid trading capital, but $1000 is a good starting point. Of course, the more the merrier.

Will I definitely gain money?

Like anything else worthy in life, the markets have implied risk and some serious volatility. We are not responsible for any money that you invest and may potentially lose. Please trade at your own discretion.

How much can I look to make?

We encourage you to have an open discussion about your trading and financial goals with us individually. We can never predict or move the markets, but can give you a history of the previous years to use as precedent.