Syed Imteaz
The founder of ILM Trading is a Senior Risk Management Professional with over 14 years of banking experience. Syed began his banking career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and worked at JP Morgan, Deutsche and Goldman Sachs as a management consultant. Along with managing risk, his expertise lies within Stocks & Options trading. His exposure to trading started during his late college years and blossomed into the creation of ILM. Options leverages a 1:100 ratio and minimizes the risk of exponential loss. He is currently managing the Option’s arm of ILM’s trading community.

Haris Hasan (DT)
DT is a software engineer and financial technical analyst with over 15 years of exposure. Better known as the master technical charter, DT utilizes a variety of indicators and charting patterns to give close to flawless signals for Options trading. His knowledge of the markets and the economic catalysts that make or break our economy is exceptionally rare. He showcased the mini-recession of 2020 well before its time… He is also the cofounder of ILM and is well respected in the trading community for his technical chart analysis.
Wyatt has been running an IT software firm implementing ERP/CRM solutions since 1994. He has been into semi-retirement for a couple of years and taking up freelance consulting project for mid-size companies for their IT operations. He has been trained in value investment and options strategies in the last 6 years and has been actively doing day trading since the beginning of pandemic during the lockdown period.  Wyatt joined ILM in beginning of 2020 and actively engage in Day Trading and scalping. 

I’ve honed my skills and knowledge of investing from my past in Day Trading after joining ILM and learning a lot from DT, Professor and the rest of ILM team. 
I’ll always continuous to learning and improving my trading skills via different advance trading strategies on different scenarios to maximize the returns and reducing risk and will  share these experience with the members and teams here in ILM Learning is a lifelong Journey, it is never too old to learn” – Wyatt

Fuhad Hussain
Fuhad Hussain is a price action day-trader from law-enforcement background. Fuhad primarily focusing on penny stocks. He is passionate about teaching. The bond that he builds with his students from webinars is very strong and very promising. The crowd just loves him. When Fuhad trades, he does not rely on any fancy indicators, rather uses his years of trading experience to set a trigger. In his words “Trading penny stocks is really risky, but if you could scan, and find the right ones to play with; at the end of the day you should not be disappointed. But you got to have a game plan“.
Fuhad believes that, the best solution is not always the right solution, but the correct decision is almost always better than an emotional decision.
Fuhad Hussain will guide you to be a sufficient trader without being fancy. 

Anam Baba
Anam, is a very ordinary trader without a three-piece suit. He came from gaming industry. He was a core gamer before he decided to win against Wall Street’s big boys. He thought the time he spends on gaming could be more rewarding if he learns to trade instead. After a several years of ups and down as a savvy trader, he developed a solid skillsets and a very unique trading strategy that’s working for him.  Anam thinks, it’s important to adopt your own individual trading style and trading edge. He says “Implementing your own strategy and method within your control, but the market behavior is not. So wait for your turn and don’t force trade. You don’t need to win every trade to produce a good living.”
Anam, supporting ILM as an analyst since the beginning of 2020