What is ILM?

Intellectual Learning Mechanisms (ILM)

Is a DISCORD based Financial Instruments Trading community with over 500+ members and 7 analysts. Our primary focus is on trading Stocks and OPTIONS on the New York Stock Exchange, CBOE and other regulated exchanges.

What makes ILM different than others?

Simple, we don’t have the ‘get rich quick’ mindset unlike others. We know that, the road to successful trading is quite difficult and challenging. We came from the ground and we appreciate giving back to the community. We don’t flaunt our monetary success but we do stand solid behind our success.

We constantly research the market data and provide our inputs to our members which help them make a profitable trade . But before that, we guide them through the intense journey of learning; boost the ability to confidently and consistently make money in the volatile market.

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What it takes to be a successful trader?

The odds of being a successful trader are only against you if you fail to recognize the amount of work and effort that it takes. Anyone can be a good trader if they can sacrifice some times and have the patience to learn while controlling their emotions.

If trading wasn’t hard it wouldn’t be so potentially rewarding.
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Yes, after becoming a subscribed member, you will be able to get the mobile alerts via Discord app.

Trading options is a skill that takes effort to develop. Most of our new traders start trading as a side hustle, earning while they learn. We often see traders hitting 100% gainers with plenty of success stories of folks now trading for a living.

Yes, apart from our free webinars, we also offer one-on-one classes at your own phase to help you understand the markets and go over the approach we take before we decide on a trade. We also offer 30% discounts to the College students as well as payment plan for one-one-one classes. 

Peoples are excited to hit the Options ground but it’s important to understand that the Option trading is quite risky without the right knowledge. However, if done the right way, it can be very exciting.

Self-proclaimed ‘trading gurus’ shamelessly charge thousands to watch their cheesy outdated webinars… At ILM, we offer free webinar education classes and a community of dedicated mentors that provide real life training while the markets are actually trading.

PDT only affects margin accounts. With a cash account, you can trade as often as you like providing that your account is funded. Options are settled overnight so you can take your gains and reinvest the next business day.